Almajiri system has since outlived its purpose and has become a breeding ground for child begging and potential terrorist camps. The pupils who were meant to be trained to emerge as Islamic Scholars have now had to struggle to cater for themselves through begging rather than learning under the watch and supervision of the semi-illiterate Quranic teachers or Mallams who themselves lacked the requisite financial and moral support and use the system as a means of living rather than a way of life.

Deprived of a normal descent upbringing, Almajiri children who are usually little boys, are the direct product and consequence of polygamy, broken homes and lack of adequate family planning by a large chunk of northerners who sees family planning as against their religion and culture. Almajiri children grow up in the streets without the love, care and guidance of his parents; His struggle for survival exposes him to rape (homosexuality and pedophilia), used as a slave, brainwashed and used for destructive and violent activities. These aptly capture and describe the pitiful plight of an Almajiri child in Northern Nigeria.

Unless the Almajiri system is banned or adequately reformed to meet the present economic challenges and realities, the problems of underdevelopment, educational backwardness and mass poverty in Northern Nigeria would continue to go from bad to worse.

The deliberate breach of the fundamental human right of these young ones calls for urgent concern and the neglect and levity and lack of commitment to the pitiful plight of these minors is unfortunate

From Vaseal Khanic



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